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  FS Flight Keeper v3.5.2 released [15.01.2020]   FSMap v1.2.2 released [15.01.2020]
  FSMap won simFlight Award [25.10.2008]   FSFK received AVSIM Award [17.11.2004]

FS Flight Keeper 3.5.2
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FS Flight Keeper (FSFK)

FS Flight Keeper (FSFK) combines seven programs in one: A Logbook, a basic Aircraft Black Box, a Flight Weather planning tool, a Flight Information System (ACARS Device), a Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), a Cockpit Sound Environment enhancement and Air TV. The Logbook keeps track of the flights you made. It stores Flight Times (also Day and Night), Fuel used, Pilot, Aircraft used, etc. Whilst the Black Box logs all aircraft events like autopilot settings, engine settings, weather, etc. FSFK also features flight weather planning (METARs, TAFs and ALOFTs), data export, configurable flight critique, World (Moving) Map display, Instant Messaging, Screenshot Manager and much more.

FS Flight Keeper contains many features for Virtual Airlines (VA), which need a standardized way of logging, transmitting flights and even want to upload actual flight reporting maps. FS Flight Keeper can transmit fully customizable flight reports via Email or any available Web Service (page). FSFK also offers realtime (live) ACARS. This means that ACARS messages are created in realtime and automatically transmitted to an existing Virtual Airline Web Service. The service can then store and process the received messages. Virtual Airline (live ACARS) Traffic can displayed on the World Map. With the existing Virtual Airline Software Development Kit (SDK) and the contained example services and databases any VA can develop FSFK compatible web service in a really short time.

The Cockpit Sound Environment brings your Cockpit to life. Easily add crew announcements, which will be played automatically on different flight situations (e.g. Pushback, Pax Security Information, Crew prepare for Landing, etc.). You can also add a virtual copilot, that gives you aural information for different aircraft status changes (e.g. Gear down and locked, Glideslope active/captured, etc.). Cabin ambient sounds with full 3-D surround sound support will give you the feeling as if the passengers were really in your aircraft. But sounds can not only be played automatically, you can also play pre configured sounds manually by pressing a configurable hotkey. Last but not least you can add an aural GPWS/TCAS, which can be used for every aircraft even if it does not have one installed by default.

FSFK Air TV allows to create screen and/or video (webcam) captures and upload them at a regular interval as a JPEG image file to a FTP or HTTP server. Additionally you can add PIP and text overlays to the captures. A great feature for your Virtual Airline or your personal web site allowing your visitors to visually track your flights.

Last but not least you can access all this information directly from your cockpit without the need to switch any application during your flight. The ACARS Device (Gauge) allows the pilot to easily view all important information and even control FS Flight Keeper while sitting in the cockpit. The ACARS Device offers a detailed text based view on the current weather conditions (e.g. wind and cloud layers with icing, turbulence and wind shear warnings!), gives access to all important in-flight states and also contains a detailed airport and navaid information database. Additionally it has a map mode, which displays airports, navaids, traffic and also a detailed elevation overlay.


During the past couple of years, electronic navigation aids started to revolutionize aviation. Digitized charts, together with high-resolution displays and the ability to define your own position precisely via GPS, are the technological fundament, to have aeronautical information present even in general aviation aircraft.

Now FSMap brings a realistic simulation of one of the leading devices in this area to flight simulation. With FSMap you will get high-resolution digitized VFR charts for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. More charts can be added easily by using the integrated chart editor and configurator. A sophisticated layering system ensures that you will always see the appropriate chart for the current flight phase and mode. But FSMap not only displays charts, it also supplies the virtual pilot with a wealth of information about his flight route, flight status, AI-, multiplayer- and online (IVAO and VATSIM) traffic, and environmental conditions. Additionally airport, navaid and city overlays can be added to the displayed map. And while you are taxiing on the ground, FSMap can even display taxiways and parking positions straight out of flight simulator data. A simple VFR flight plan editor allows you to quickly create a FS flight plan.

By using the supplied panel editor, the FSMap gauge may be added to any instrument panel with a few mouse clicks. Besides the supplied gauge, you may also use FSMap as an external application outside Flight Simulator. By using FSUIPC (for FS2004) or SimConnect (for FSX), users may even utilize a second PC in their home network to run the FSMap application.

AI Traffic Mover (AITM)

AITM includes several tools to make the FS AI Traffic even more realistic. With AITM it's easy to manipulate the AI Traffic in many ways like rearrange, move, export, analyze, edit aircraft and much more. You can create Projects with different Flightplans and merge them together.

And the best AITM is FREEWARE!


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Last updated on 15.01.2020